An Inception, An Explanation

Though I actually prefer keeping my life private, I have always admired the idea of blogging. I know they may seem contradictory but I must say that I have always thought of blogging to be a means of making people know who you really are by the posts you publish. People will know the things you are fond of and those that you are not by simply reading your entries. Simple as that. And most importantly, the thing I like most about blogging is that you can exercise your freedom of speech! It has always been with us, and the least we could do is try to exercise it!

And here in my blog, I must post things that I want to, guaranteed that it would do others no harm.

So why ‘Postcards from the Edge’?

I actually got the name of this blog from the 1990 movie Postcards from the Edge starring [The] Meryl Streep and [The] Shirley McLaine, and directed by the late Mike Nichols, which was based on the 1987 semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia!), and home to  one of my favorite scenes in cinematic history — this:

What the meaning of the title was has been bugging me since, so I looked over for it on the internet and I have found that “the edge is the outermost place to stand on above a metaphorical cliff. Falling (or jumping) off means a disastrous descent into craziness or addiction. The idea of sending postcards in such a desperate situation has some humor to it. So postcards from the edge are, roughly, messages from one who is half crazy but not so crazy as to have stopped wanting to communicate with people.” (

I’m not taking drugs, just to clear things out. Haha! But there’s something with someone sending postcards from the edge that I have, too – the desire for being understood.

So, here’s to more postcards from the edge from me to you.


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